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From Africa to Asia and back again with purpose – that’s Chisha Chiselebwe’s story, the Zambian-born, Singapore-based creative director of Archiprime Designs Co. Ltd, an architecture and planning firm operating out of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. In the latest Opportunité Africa podcast, Brendon Jones talks to Chiselebwe about the future of property development in Africa, especially among the youth. With a reported 60% of the population under 25, Chiselebwe sees this group as the main driving force on the continent.

 Chiselebwe is one of a growing number of African property and construction professionals who have returned to the continent after experiencing the real estate industry abroad, including in China. ‘Many of the challenges in Africa are also present in other parts of the world, such as Latin America and parts of Asia,’ he says. ‘It’s the old story of developed countries versus undeveloped countries. In developed countries there’s a more structured approach with a more unified supply chain system. In Africa, the supply chain is still heavily dependent on imports from the East.’

 ‘The key to changing this is knowledge – and access to information. Financial literacy is also crucial to understanding concepts like return on investment. That’s why it’s so important for African investors to hire qualified professionals in the industry.’

 Investing in property provides a huge opportunity to educate and empower young individuals to make informed decisions and ultimately, to leave a legacy. By creating supply chains within the region and using the latest sustainable practices wherever possible, the potential for growth in the sector is almost limitless.

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